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Specialised solutions to engage and collaborate. COMMBOX HAS YOU COVERED

Using technology to transform and empower business and education

Collaboration made simple with CommBox Interactive Touchscreens, Displays and Control. 


Not only are touchscreens an engaging teaching tool, they allow for flexible learning spaces. Touchscreens are platform agnostic, meaning they support multiple operating systems to suit all educational requirements. Backed by 5 year on-site warranty.


Control systems are used to make room operations simple and to enable remote, proactive management & support across your entire environment


Never install another projector when a CommBox Display offers best available resolution, brightness, contrast & anti-glare that’s easy on the eyes. Whilst requiring zero maintenance & reduced cost of ownership, backed up by a 5 year onsite warranty.

Stands and Mounts

Satisfying the needs of educational teachers is made easy with these heavy-duty stands & mounts that have been specifically designed for large interactive touchscreens and displays.

We are a technology solutions company and we've got your back.

Communicate and collaborate seamlessly, access information securely, and engage employees, customers and partners, anytime, anywhere.

Advancing new IoT technologies and accelerating your business to new frontiers.

Steamline Your Meeting Space

Transform your meeting rooms into streamlined and productive spaces, featuring a 4K ultra-HD, non-smart screen and compatibility with Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, and other video conferencing software. 


Is your business taking advantage of the latest technology & digital tools?

Take advantage of our experts who have years of experience developing the right solution for your future workplace, meeting space or learning environment. 

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Yes, CommBox allows users to upload and install APK files directly to the android system of the CommBox. When using Windows through the addon OPS PC users have the same freedom to install all the necessary applications as they would for their own PC.
With the proper care your CommBox touchscreen has a significant ROI compared to other technologies. There are CommBox touchscreens still going strong 9+ years later.
CommBox touchscreens are a premium offering and are built to a much higher grade than most offerings into the education markets. This is demonstratable and all starts with the raw LCD component inside. At CommBox we use A Grade commercial LCD from LG. This is rated and warranted for 24/7 use and is much brighter than most touchscreens. From there we continue to use highest grade components, including 1mm object recognition sensors and premium anti-glare 4mm toughened glass (CommBox Glide). The CommBox we are offering is our latest V3 and our failure rate currently sits under 0.15%.

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We are Australian based and provide local product support. Please contact us to speak to one of our representatives

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